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Striker was bred to Misty and the pups were born on December 5, 2022. 

We had 5 puppies 3 girls and 2 boys.

GCH Lodgepole's Frizzen Strike CD PCD BN RE CGCA CGCU ATT

CH Snoebear's Silver Mist CD PCD BN RI CGCA CGCU ATT

Major 1.jpg

8 Weeks

      Malcom (2 Spot)     Chief          Bell                           Siri (Rosie)        Splash                                              
8 weeks.jpg
Malcom (2 Spot)       Chief        Bell                 Siri (Rosie)          Splash             
5 Weeks Old
            Bell                     Splash                 Rosie                                                  Chief                  2 Spot

4 Weeks old


             Rosie (girl)             Belle (girl)          Splash (girl)                                                 2 Spot (boy)           Chief (boy)

3 Weeks old

3 weeks 1.jpg

    Splash (girl)  Rosie (girl)    Belle (girl)   2 Spot (boy)    Chief (boy)

2 Weeks old

Belle (girl)    Splash (girl)    Rosie (girl)    2 Spot (boy)    Chief (boy)

Just born

1 Week Old

1 day 2.jpg
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